Bathroom Blues

On viewing the house, my first thought on entering on the bathroom was ‘wow, a free standing bath!’ followed by ‘oh my god, it’s so blue!’
I’m all for bold bathrooms, (our first home’s bathroom was painted in Dulux Night Jewels and it was pretty special) but to me this choice seemed a bit overwhelming. Bathroom_beforeWe finally tackled this room in the Summer and I’m pleased to say that the room is unrecognisable. It’s not quite ready for a big reveal just yet as the finishing touches are taking forever.
Despite keeping the 4 piece suite and leaving the oak doors and skirting, doing the bathroom was the biggest project we have undertaken in the house so far. Updating the flooring and tiling took a long time and we still need to change the radiator. Am looking forward to sharing the progress though!

Would love to know if  your home has any interesting paint choices inherited from previous owners? x


One thought on “Bathroom Blues

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