My November

November has flown by! I can’t wait for tomorrow when I’ll be decking the halls and getting the house ready for Christmas on the first day of December.
Until we got married, I always found November a bit of a ‘lost’ month (not quite as festive as December, and not quite as autumnal as October) but now it’s one of my favourite times of year.  We spent the eleventh month celebrating our second Wedding Anniversary and toasting the engagement of two very special friends with large amounts of bubbly and cocktails.  November Instagram

I also endulged in a few treats, read a few books (more on that next week), and bought a few Christmas decorations (a sneak peek here, but they’ll be even more to share next month).
Most of the pictures are directly from my Instagram feed, (I’m lolo_laurie). However I do like to put my phone in aeroplane mode every so often so that I can edit a few photos and keep them just for the blog.
Hope you had a great November too. Did you celebrate anything special this month?


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