Show and Tell: Hanging Christmas Biscuits

I am most definitely not a domestic goddess but love a quick bit of baking. Last weekend I got to work to create some rather lovely hanging cookies. They are no different from your usual Christmas biscuits but a clever bit of cutting means your biscuit has a handy slot that you can perch of the side of your cuppa!
hanging Christmas biscuits

Image credits:: Left Made with Pink | Right BBC Good Food

I used the Vanilla Shortbread Dough recipe from BBC Good Food as my base for my biscuits and then a set of heart and star cutters that I bought inexpensively last year from Homesense.  There are specific hanging cutters available for job but I just use a standard cutter and use a knife (or the edge of another cutter) to make the indent.Hanging_cookies I’d recommend rolling as thin as possible and experimenting with the positioning of your indent so that they don’t topple off! Do drop me a comment if you decide to give them a go x


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