DIY: Glam up your glasses

Hope you had a fabulous fun filled Christmas!
I wasn’t planning on posting until the new year but after my sister and I got up to a spot of boozie DIY on Christmas Day, I wanted to share with you. Our glitter rimmed glasses are perfect to add a spot of bling to your New Years Eve.

We used edible glitter from a cook shop but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in your more sophisticated supermarkets too. Our drink of choice was a champagne cocktail including vodka and cassis, but obviously you can use any drink you want. However, using champagne flutes means you have a smaller surface area to cover.
Gold glass rim tutorial

If you’re after some gorgeous inspiration to jazz up your glasses, here’s some beautiful images. I’m going to keep an eye out for Gold Mini Stars to use the next time. Also, wouldn’t say no to those stunning champagne saucers from the Style Me Pretty gallery.

Rim GlassesImage credits:: 1. Engaged & Inspired | 2. Revel Blog | 3.  Sugar & Charm | 4. Style Me Pretty

Do drop me a comment if you give it a whirl! x


4 thoughts on “DIY: Glam up your glasses

  1. Who knew glasses could look so darn gorgeous! Great idea to use the straws as an additional extra- unless you fancy sporting a rather glittery festive face:) xxx

  2. Having read this post I tried this top tip on new years eve, I was pleased with the result however note to self next time take the straw out when you’re pouring a top-up as there is some form of fizz reaction….lots of spillage (and it wasn’t down to my dodgy pouring either)! x x x

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