Moodboard: Industrial Inspired

As I mentioned earlier this week, January will see us tackle one of our bedrooms.
After moving from our tiny two-bed (affectionally referred to as ‘The Doll’s House’) we wanted to make use of every spare inch of our cottage. Therefore our main bedroom is purely a room with a bed, and we have each taken one of the other bedrooms as our own to use as oversized wardrobes and dressing areas. With my room I plan to go ultra girlie and glam, but Mr C will be allowed to exert a bit of masculinity with an industrial inspired room (with a little bit of gothic thrown in for good measure!)

The moodboard brings in elements of industrial with the metal lamp and stool alongside a strong palette of dark greys and blues. On weekends, the room will need to be a guest room too and so we plan to soften the look with natural elements such as antlers, as well as a small chandelier so that the room doesn’t become too themed.

Industrial MoodboardImage sources:: Chalkboard | Antlers | Tolix Stool | Pressure Gauge Clock made and photographed by my lovely friend Matt T | Map | Merchants Chest and Lamp | Farrow and Ball Paints | Iron Chandelier | Linen Duvet Cover | Curiosities

Over the last few months we’ve been treasure troving for little trinkets to make up a wall of curiosities. I’ll share some of our finds later in the month, but for the moment you can see the very clever clock our friend made as a Christmas present (left hand side on row 2 of the moodboard) from an old pressure gauge.

The first thing to get cracking with is to strip the walls before we get a Plasterer in to skim. I will obviously keep you updated with all the progress! In the mean time do let me know what you think of this style though. Have you added an industrial elements to your house? x


5 thoughts on “Moodboard: Industrial Inspired

  1. We have tried to bring elements of the industrial into our main living space with the use of metal and wood.We managed to get hold of some reclaimed wooden crates to make a tv chest and have added distressed frames to a collection on the main wall. I also spent some time hammering large iron hooks around the room to hang a range of *interesting items (great for venting any pent up frustration!)Having finally achieved a look we are both happy with I am now wondering how to freshen the whole style for spring? As this vibe can be softened with soft lighting and candles in the winter, I don’t want it to look too ‘hard’ later in the year. Alternatively we could always move! Loving your work @fairlylight xxx
    *the word interesting is often defined differently by male and female in this house!

    • I adore crates @bonnyandclydedesign! In terms of freshening up for Spring, perhaps you could try some bulbs (like hyacinths) forced into conical flasks? That way you get to keep the masculine vibe but pretty it up with the floral element. Hope this helps x

  2. I can’t wait to see how this room turns out. I think the colours will really give it that industrial feel whilst not being to cold alongside the bare metals of the lamp and clock, and whatever else you have handpicked for this room…

    Ps. Thanks for the compliment on the clock.

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