A discovery in the bedroom

Work began in the spare room last week with a huge chunk of the weekend devoted to stripping wallpaper. By Sunday evening there was a very exciting development and this happened…
Exposed Brick WallImage credit:: Keith Scott Morton via Country Living

Well okay, not quite. However after revealing the bare plaster, we noticed there was several areas where the plaster was falling off the wall making our original plan to skim the walls a no-go. Instead we need to remove all the plaster and that means one thing –  oh hello exposed brick walls!

Before I go on to show the progress shots, I’ll take you right back to the beginning. The room in question has been used as a bit of a dumping ground for last eighteen months. Despite the many piles of ironing, no amount of clothes can detract from the rather vibrant yellow and orange wallpaper.Before Spare Bedroom

Rather than using a steamer to take off the paper we used scrapers, a perforator (lots of fun – it’s three blades that you roll across the wall), and a solution of 1 part fabric conditioner to 1 part water in a spray bottle).

Progress Guest RoomThe room is now beginning to resemble a prison cell. Not ideal when we have friends over for the weekend but at least we’re started to make some progress. The next step will be to remove the peeling plaster which is sure to create lots of mess and mayhem!

Please do share if you’re embarking on any renovations this new year? x


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