Etsy Picks: Love is in the Air

Morning all!
A bit early I know, but with many Etsy sellers based overseas I wanted to share today’s pick with you today so that you have plenty of time to order before Valentine’s Day.
Mr C and I don’t give presents on the 14th of February and just opt for exchanging some mighty fine cards. Etsy is usually my first port of call for a quirky, original card and so I’ve already started to pour over the many pages. Here’s a few that have caught my eye.

Valentine1: Famous Lovers from Darkroom and Dearly – £3.18 | 2. Foil Arrow from Hartland Brooklyn – £3.18 | 3. I like the cut of your jib from SORT – £2.50 | 4.  I’ve been checking you out from Meow Kapow! – £3.50 | 5. Ooh la la from Missive – £3.18 | 6. I Love You from Sparrow Nest Script – £4.77 | 7. Love Me Tender from Meticulous Ink – £3.95 | 8. Be my Valentine from Blushing Pearl – £2.55

I love that most of these cards would look great framed after the big day and so you can get a little piece of art for under a fiver.

As Mr C has been known to drop by this blog once in a while, I’m not able to share my choice just yet but do drop me a comment if you’re tempted by any of these cards.

Lauren x


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