Show and Tell: A Spot of Gold

Inspired by a several images on Pinterest of gold adorned trinkets, I have a really quick and effective DIY for you today.

Gold spot

Image credits:: 1. Despite many of the pinterest pins suggesting the first image is a Sharpie DIY, it’s actually a charming range of hand thrown cups from Luna Lighting | 2. Thanks, I Made It | 3. A Creative Day | 4. Jen Huang via Style Me Pretty

I bought a set of three metallic Sharpie pens a few weeks ago from eBay and am having to hold myself back from adding silver, gold and brass accents to everything I own!

After a spot of treasure troving, I found two really sweet tea plates with a gold trim running around the edge and they were a bargain at £1 each. After less than five minutes with a Sharpie I had whipped up a polka dot decorated plate. I think I’ll create a more polished version with the second one but am quite pleased with the result of this first trial.Gold Sharpie DIY Polks Dot Plate

I’ve avoided the final step of baking in an oven because I plan to hang on the wall rather than eat my cake off it!

Have you had any fun with marker pens recently?! x


2 thoughts on “Show and Tell: A Spot of Gold

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