Jobs in January

In my first post I mentioned that the whole purpose of Fairly Light was to get more done.  So I’m feeling quite smug that I’ve made good progress with the list I made at the start of January.

SheepskinSheepskin_rugIn an effort to get a bit cosier in the bathroom (it was feeling a little bit sparse with all the white), I cashed in the Clubcard points and exchanged them for this Grey Faux Sheepskin Rug from Tesco. The reviews on this product aren’t amazing and I’ll admit it’s not particularly high quality however it does the job very well and feels lovely underfoot when stepping out of the bath. I promise to share a full reveal on the bathroom soon but we’ve got one final job to do that needs to wait till it’s less chilly outside. I do have a rather fancy column radiator just waiting to be installed!

Brass AccentsBrass_Accents

I’ve actually finished this mini project but I’m not too happy with the finished result. I rushed a gallery wall in the main bedroom and have realised I need to leave more of a gap between each of the frames.  Not strictly brass, the frames I’ve bought are cheap ones from Wilkinsons and Matalan – the champagne and pewter seem to complement each other well. The image on the right is one of the layouts I tried on the carpet ( Don’t worry, I didn’t have too many G&T’s before I got the tools out!).  I’m planning on tweaking the gallery wall this week so I hope to be able to tick this one off the list before the end of the month.

Industrial BedroomProgress_industrial

I’ve got to be realistic with this one, it’s going to take a fair few months to get this completed but we’ve made a start. It’ll be looking like an All Saints store in no time! For the moment we’re stuck with peeling wallpaper and crumbling plaster. More updates to follow soon!

I’ll share my jobs for February later this week. Would be great to hear what’s on your list?

Lauren x


2 thoughts on “Jobs in January

  1. Loving your luxurious bathroom! Reading between the lines…..are you treating yourselves to a new bathroom window??

    We have lots of jobs for Feb though could do with a lotto win to help fund these jobs. Al has just completed boxing in the new boiler (why we want to hide the dream machine away I’m unsure) so he’s all DIY’d out. Besides the six nations starts next weekend so any projects I can afford to do I’ll be doing alone! Rugby widow for the next 8 weeks. Good job I’ve got some extra part-time work to keep me occupied!! X x x

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