My January

I know I’m not the only one who usually has a dislike for January, but on the whole this month hasn’t been a bad one. January_review– I started off the year with a walk around the gardens of Castle Ashby, a beautiful country house in Northamptonshire complete with topiary and a Miss Havishamesque orangery.

– Later on in the month it was time to celebrate a friend’s birthday with some very alcoholic Cosmos and a quick spin of the Glitter Ball.

– Then the snow came, and stayed for a long time.

– There was absolutely nothing on television for the whole of January apart from the amazing ‘Africa’ which featured some of the African Penguins we were lucky enough to see on last year’s Megamoon.

– The house seemed very bare after Christmas and so I’ve made sure there’s always some blooms in the lounge.

– On an interior design and DIY note, we’ve started the guest bedroom, decorated plates and been inspired by a late Christmas present – Making a House Your Home

All images above are edited through Instagram – I’m FairlyLight if you fancy keeping an eye on what I’m up to! I’m not sure what to make of Vine just yet but you can follow me there too – you can search for ‘Fairly Light’ to find me.

Hope you’ve managed to get through January safe and sound. Lauren x


2 thoughts on “My January

  1. Thank you for making January so much brighter with all your glorious posts. Here’s to lots more Fairly Light goodness in February xxx

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