My February

After a month of hibernation at the start of year, February was a little more eventful than January (though just as cold!)my february

– February saw a week of events for the diary – Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day all in the same week. I bought the lovely ‘You’re the Gin to my Tonic’ card for Mr C from Made by Margo

– It was time to splash out and add a bit of colour to my wardrobe and home with lots of flowers and a snazzy neon necklace from New Look.

– One weekend we went treasuring troving to The Barn in Long Marston browsing over the antiques including the amazing bulb lit sign. On the way home we had a stroll through Stratford and drove past a stunning windmill at sunset.

– I celebrated a very dear friend’s birthday with what I like to call ‘stalker wrapping paper’ – gold hand stamped paper adorned with the birthday girl’s name.

– I spent three days in Barcelona with my Mum and Sister and had a tremendous time. I’m going through all my photos to build an Instagram city tour to share very soon.

– I helped out with the styling as the fabulously talented Wedding stationers Bonny & Clyde showed off their wares at a Vintage Wedding Fair.

– And finally I ticked off all the jobs on the February list and even gave a standard lamp a make-over too.

Let’s hope we finally see some signs of Spring in March! How was your February?

Lauren x


Monkey Business

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Barcelona (full city tour coming up next week), and so felt the need to come back with a little souvenir of the occasion. pegzini_family Amongst the postcards and the Zara purchases, our treasure troving found this set of five Amazing Pegzini Family Circus Laundry Pegs! Mr C would affectionately refer to them as ‘useless tat’ but I think they’ll come in useful for stringing up postcards and photos above my vintage bureau. You can get your own gravity defying ornamental pegs from eBay for under £15.

Have you picked up anything on your travels recently?

Lauren x

Makeover on Make-up

Recently I was inspired by this image from the Domestic Goddess that is Martha Stewart to have a little spruce up of my dressing table drawers. martha stewart drawer Whilst I would never dream of leaving the house bare-faced, I don’t have a huge selection of make-up. I cleaned out make-up bags full of the stuff that had only been used a couple of times when we moved house (seafoam eye liner anyone?) Since then I’ve vowed to keep the collection to a minimum but that hasn’t stopped it getting extremely messy. Make-up_Organisation_beforeA few weeks ago I decided enough was enough. I chucked a few congealed lipsicks and dry mascaras and got to work with the pencil sharpener. Make-up_Organisation_cleanThe most satisying part had to be cleaning my make-up brushes. Using a cheeky olive oil and hand soap mixture method found via Beauty Book Love, it only took minutes to clean through the brushes. I then rubbed down all tubes and handles with an antibacterial wipe. Make-up_Organisatio_groupIt just so happens that one of my slate floor tiles is a similar size to the inside of my dressing table drawer, and so I laid out everything in to tidy piles on the floor. Make-up_Organisation_lineAs I lined each of the drawers with fancy wrapping paper, Mr C used offcuts of wood to section off compartments. I then painted them the same shade of antique white as the rest of the dressing table using satin paint from B&Q. Make-up_afterAs always, excuse the quality of the iPhone pics. Here’s the final result, all neat and tidy and easy to find and does not make me highly strung in any way.

How do you like to store your make-up?

Lauren x

Still in Progress

After a few weeks silence in the guest bedroom, work resumed last weekend. You may remember that when we stripped the wallpaper, chunks of plaster came too. So recently we’ve been chipping away (wreaking havoc with the nails) to get right back to the brick. Safety Goggles We weren’t particularly prepared for the job, but after a large piece of plaster fell on my sock I decided to get serious and break out the only piece of safety footwear I own. Dressed in my trainers it then became mandatory to adorn myself with a few more accessories namely the plastic safety specs and mask.Skirting Boards Mr C set to work removing the skirting boards with a hammer and screwdriver and as his glamorous assistant I was only too pleased to scribe on the back where they had come from.In progress We then set to work with hammers, chisels and screwdrivers to remove all the plaster from the walls. On the way we revealed a rather smashing specimen of retro wallpaper. Rubble BagsThe half filled rubble bags soon became full and we’ve made our way through 30 bags so far! We still have another wall left to go but we’ve made good progress. The next job will to get the plaster board up.

Will keep you updated x

Fired Up

I’ve pretty much decided that the fire surround in the spare room is going to end up being painted a crisp shade of white.

White_fireplacesImage sources:: 1. This is Glamorous via The Decorista | 2. James Michael Howard | 3. Rue Mag | 4. Decor de Provence via DecorPad

Despite the fact that it’ll be a good few months before we move work from one bedroom to another, it doesn’t stop me doing the research! Here’s a look at the fireplace at the moment. fireplace_beforeThe plan is to spruce up the black cast iron, paint the surround and then re-tile the hearth (currently broken quarry tiles peeking out at the bottom of the picture). I’m undecided about what to do with the pieces down the side (at the moment they’re bare plaster) but they might end up tiled too.

Inspired by the first images, I went on the hunt for chevron and geometric mosaic tiles. Whilst I didn’t find anything that would be suitable to make a zig-zag pattern, I did find four different possibilities all from the Walls and Floors website.

TilesTop Left: Toto Circular Tile – £3.75 a sheet | Top Right: Toto Brickbond Tile – £3.95 a sheet | Bottom Left: Toto Hexagon Mosaic Tile – £3.95 | Bottom Right: Toto Small Square Tile – £2.95.

At the moment I’m leaning towards the matt version of the Hexagon pattern but could definitely be swayed. Do share if you’ve seen anything suitable!

L x