DIY: I Spy With My Little Eye

Eye charts aren’t just for Opticians and they’re popping up on walls all over the place!Vintage Eye Chart InspirationImage source:: 1. Restoration Hardware | 2. Velvet Doe | 3. West Elm

If you fancy having a go making something similar, there’s a great online tool for all you budding DIYers: just visit the Custom Eye Chart Maker website and enter your message. You have 28 characters to use and can use all sorts of punctuation marks as well as letters and numbers. Don’t get tempted to use the spacebar button as you don’t actually get a space in your design, you just use a very valuable character. Once you’ve hit the ‘Make the Chart’ button, you can save your creation as a png file or copy and paste into another package for editing. Eye Chart I’ve used the tool to create quite a few eye charts. One currently hangs in my kitchen mounted in an M&S Frame and I used another one to make a cute tag for a friend’s wedding present.

Once mounted, they make a really personal Wedding, Anniversary or Valentine’s pressie. Let me know if you’re tempted to give it a whirl!

Lauren x


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