Fired Up

I’ve pretty much decided that the fire surround in the spare room is going to end up being painted a crisp shade of white.

White_fireplacesImage sources:: 1. This is Glamorous via The Decorista | 2. James Michael Howard | 3. Rue Mag | 4. Decor de Provence via DecorPad

Despite the fact that it’ll be a good few months before we move work from one bedroom to another, it doesn’t stop me doing the research! Here’s a look at the fireplace at the moment. fireplace_beforeThe plan is to spruce up the black cast iron, paint the surround and then re-tile the hearth (currently broken quarry tiles peeking out at the bottom of the picture). I’m undecided about what to do with the pieces down the side (at the moment they’re bare plaster) but they might end up tiled too.

Inspired by the first images, I went on the hunt for chevron and geometric mosaic tiles. Whilst I didn’t find anything that would be suitable to make a zig-zag pattern, I did find four different possibilities all from the Walls and Floors website.

TilesTop Left: Toto Circular Tile – £3.75 a sheet | Top Right: Toto Brickbond Tile – £3.95 a sheet | Bottom Left: Toto Hexagon Mosaic Tile – £3.95 | Bottom Right: Toto Small Square Tile – £2.95.

At the moment I’m leaning towards the matt version of the Hexagon pattern but could definitely be swayed. Do share if you’ve seen anything suitable!

L x


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