Still in Progress

After a few weeks silence in the guest bedroom, work resumed last weekend. You may remember that when we stripped the wallpaper, chunks of plaster came too. So recently we’ve been chipping away (wreaking havoc with the nails) to get right back to the brick. Safety Goggles We weren’t particularly prepared for the job, but after a large piece of plaster fell on my sock I decided to get serious and break out the only piece of safety footwear I own. Dressed in my trainers it then became mandatory to adorn myself with a few more accessories namely the plastic safety specs and mask.Skirting Boards Mr C set to work removing the skirting boards with a hammer and screwdriver and as his glamorous assistant I was only too pleased to scribe on the back where they had come from.In progress We then set to work with hammers, chisels and screwdrivers to remove all the plaster from the walls. On the way we revealed a rather smashing specimen of retro wallpaper. Rubble BagsThe half filled rubble bags soon became full and we’ve made our way through 30 bags so far! We still have another wall left to go but we’ve made good progress. The next job will to get the plaster board up.

Will keep you updated x


3 thoughts on “Still in Progress

  1. Oh my! I am extremely jealous! One of my top wish list requirements for our new house was exposed brick walls. Not that easy though is it! Can’t wait to see the finished result xxx

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