Cox and Cox Spring Picks

I love nice post through the letterbox. On Monday, as well as a handwritten note from a lovely friend, my doormat was also graced with the arrival of the Cox & Cox Spring catalogue. I thought it would be rude not to pick out my favorites.coxandcox_spring

Top row – Hinged Glass Metal Frame – £12.50 | French Folding Mirror – £75 | Wooden Linen Headboard – £450
Middle row – Fragranced Kitchen Candles – £20 | Metal Desk Lamp – £55 | Useful Hooks Wall Rack – £30
Bottom row – Zinc Tray Table (not technically new but one of my favorites) – £90 | Blackboard Storage Box – £18.50 | Industrial Stool – £120

I really, really want the Industrial Twist Stools for my kitchen but just can’t justify the expense. I also think it’s a good thing that the Headboard doesn’t come in more of a mink colour or my bank balance would severely suffer!  Has anything on the Cox and Cox site caught your eye?

Lauren x


6 thoughts on “Cox and Cox Spring Picks

  1. I must say I’m really enjoying the industrial theme this week, being a particular fan of bare metals. Every home should have a good helping of cast or wrought iron and where possible some galvanised steel, not to mention copper and brass. I’ve been experimenting with spraying base metals mixed with lacquer to good effect so I’ll have something to show you soon, if you have the facilities (or a friend who does) then it can be a very affordable way of getting that desired effect. It could also be used to add a a new look to existing furniture… Hopefully.

    But for now I’ll take the Cox and cox stools.

  2. I think it’s just as well I don’t have room, otherwise the stools and the zinc table would be on their way to me!

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