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Am loving being back in the classroom as part of the Decor8 Blog Boss course. Every week we get a little bit of homework and this week it’s to share eight of our favourite blogs. Blogs that RockImage source:: All things bright and beyootiful

This is no mean feat for me as I am prone to wasting away the hours spend pouring over blog pages. It’s very tricky for me to pick my favourites but here’s a few:

Written by Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere is a truly stunning blog. Emily shares fabulous outfit inspiration and regular recipes all with same great consistent styling.

In the Fun Lane follows Holly Baker and her little family as she paints the world white. Her beautiful home showcases her many thrifted treasures and gorgeous DIY’s. I love how Holly has taken the opportunity to perfect her photography and styling skills as a result of the blog.

When I was planning my wedding, I probably stumbled across hundreds of blogs. Rock my Wedding is the only one that I still frequent. The blog is easy to navigate, and although it’s  all about weddings (surprisingly!) the content is varied.

After discovering the gorgeous 91 Magazine, I found editor Caroline Taylor’s blog Patchwork Harmony. Here Caroline combines vintage and contemporary to share her favourite books, shops and interior finds. The blog is well laid out and its easy to find your way to all their social sites.

Back to my passion of Interior Decoration, Young House Love is an amazing example of how you can turn your blog into a business.  Sherry and John Petersik are now published authors sharing their DIY as they repurpose their Virginia home.

This course has introduced me to so many bloggers and so I have to mention some of my classmates. Whilst the eCourse is ideal for meeting people all over the world, I have had a tendency to follow bloggers outside of the UK. It’s great to find more Interior bloggers in my own neck of the woods.

North Leads Home shows how inspiration can be found all over, from Pinterest to wildlife programmes!

Bear vs Bee  features two interior lovers as they embark on the adventure that is their first home. The overall look is clean and uncluttered.

A Jones Home has had me laughing out loud as Nicky shares her house renovations laden with lots of personality.

What are you favourite blogs? Would love for you share any treasures you’ve been reading recently.

Lauren x



7 thoughts on “Blogs that Rock

  1. I’m so behind in the course I didn’t even know what homework #2 is. Now I’m excited. Eeks, reading through everybody’s lists is going to be crazy. I’m going to need to find some more time in my life. Great post 🙂

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