Show and Tell: Apple Crates

Despite including wine crates in our wedding decor, and upcycling a palette for a table in our lounge, I’m very late to the apple crate party.Apple Crate ShelvesImage source:: House to Home

A few weeks ago I decided to clear up the clutter that had accumulated behind the door in our Dining Room. I ordered three crates from eBay for just over £10 each (when you take into account the delivery charge) to make a shelving unit. Before_crate

Originally I had planned to ask Mr C to mount on the wall but in the end I opted for a more sturdy stack and then started to load up the crates with a whole load of paraphernalia.Crate After

On the very top I’ve used another crate I had hanging about and filled it with votives that were cluttering up the windowsill. The top crate has tea lights, candles and raffia stuffed into a few Ikea jars. The middle shelf is home to a H&M Jute Storage Basket filled to the brim with napkins and placemats. Finally on the bottom, I’ve found a place to store my cutlery.

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to jump on the crate bandwagon and to clear up the chaos behind the door! How are you using crates and palettes in your home?

Lauren x


15 thoughts on “Show and Tell: Apple Crates

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Lovely blog. I passed on your details to a colleague at work as she’d just bought some vintage crates and this was her reply: Very nice website, nice images and ideas. Immaculate.

    Keep it up.

    Kathryn x

  2. What a lovely idea!! It looks so neat and beautifully styled! Love the romantic look of crates… I have this old Coca-Cola box with very old (empty) Coca Cola bottles in it I found somewhere on an antique market in Bruges. And I’m still figuring out where to put it and what to do with it. Maybe stack it on top of other crates or some cool old boxes. Don’t know yet, but your idea is very lovely!!

  3. This is much more interesting than the how and tell that I have the pleasure of listening to at school!!!! I might turn my crates the other way round…. !!

    Enjoyed looking at the H&M bits too.

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