DIY: Making Memories

I am a big fan of inspiration/mood/notice boards, so much so I have a lovely chicken wire frame that hangs above a vintage bureau at the back of my lounge. However, when you combine this with my tendancy to hoard, the finished result is anything but the beautiful sight you see below, and more of a jumble sale. inspiration boardImage source:: Fleaing France

So last week I decided to take down all the wedding favours, pretty business cards and handwritten letters to try to create something a little less chaotic. I still wanted to be able to see the little treasures I had collected over the years so your average box wouldn’t do.DIY Memories JarI took a simple Ikea storage jar, a chalkpen, some washi tape and my newly purchased Bombshell Pro font and in five minutes created a Memory Jar.

For the purpose of this post I’ve been a little stingy on the contents of the jar, but plan to cram them full of all sorts of trinkets. I’m not convinced that the chalkpen with withstand a good wash so it’s not an ideal technique for jars in your kitchen, but for areas that just need a quick dust it should be fine.

Yet another post including an Ikea storage jar! What do you use yours for? x


8 thoughts on “DIY: Making Memories

  1. Love this project! Love your blog too! I’m a student from Blog Boss and I wanted to thank you for visiting me on my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I really appreciate it! So glad I have found you via the class. Keep up the great work! xo. Ivy

  2. Such a lovely idea! My glass jars (filled with flour, sugar, salt and pasta) have this little chalkboard piece on them where I can write something on with a piece of chalk. But yours is so much more cuter! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be a great idea to use a pen with glass paint? I wouldn’t know how to get that beautiful text on the jar in glass paint though… 🙂

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