My March

As we move into April it’s still absolutely baltic in the UK with no sign of the bitterly cold weather leaving us. As you’d expect, my March review will make a few references to the weather!March

– It all started off well with a sunny trip to Oxford at the start of the month, but by mid month the snow had started to fall and I was left in the cold snapping this picture of Liberty.

– I spent a fabulous weekend in Bath where we experienced gorgeous sunshine and pelting hail all in the comfort of a stunning farm house.

– I got back in the classroom with my Foxy Exercise Book and learnt a whole lot of blog type stuff as a student on the Decor8 Blog Boss course

– I bought a few vintage bits, including a Colman’s Mustard Tin and a really sweet Bird Saucer. On a trip to London I also treated myself to a set of Gold Pinapple Forks. (The cake wasn’t all for me!)

– I put in a bit of prep for Easter, decorating with daffodils and  little eggs under a mini cake dome

– Finally there was just a dash of DIY when my friend let me loose on her dining table. I also joined the apple crate revolution with my Rustic Shelving Unit and created a Memories Jar.

I’ve already got lots planned for April but first a smashing weekend lies ahead. Happy Easter! x

P.S. All photos edited using Instagram. I’ve updated my profile and now you can follow me at FairlyLight x


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