Actions for April

Morning! Hope you all had a lovely Easter and that the sun finally shone in your neck of the woods.
As it’s my first post in April it’s time for me to run through my April to-do-list.

Creating an Office Space

This month, I’m hoping to put a bit of dead space to good use and carve out a little office area.

officeImage source:: Glitter Guide

I’ve had a vintage bureau at the back of my lounge for quite a while but it’s been bursting at the seams with my excessive collection of craft supplies. The whole space needs a rejig and some extra shelving to create an office area that’s in keeping with the rest of the lounge.

A Blank Canvas

Still in the lounge, the space above the three-seater sofa is ready for a make-over. At the moment, it’s home to a large white mirror but I’m planning on creating a bit of a focal point. blank canvasImage source:: Ian Stevenson

The question is, do I go for a gallery wall, a huge print, or something all together a bit different?

Kitchen Seating

After my Cox and Cox post a few weeks ago, I have realised that we definitely need some industrial style stools to finish off the kitchen. StoolsImage source:: Cox and Cox

I’ll be on the hunt this month for a cheaper option than these gorgeous specimens!

What’s on your list for April. Do share! x


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