Design Dilemma: The Lounge Wall

Morning all! Allow me to introduce you to one angle of my lounge, home to the super comfy Snowdrop Sofa from


Ignore the awful framing of the photo, we’re looking at the back wall here rather than all the surrounding stuff! For the last few months this area has really started to bug me. Whilst I love the squishy sofa and the vintage ladder , the plain white mirror on the white wall is looking a bit lost. I’ve spent many a minute having a look for some inspiration to change the space with the aim to add more colour and create more of a feature on the wall.

A few options worth considering:

A single striking frames image over a sofa draped with throws. (Source:: SF Girl by Bay). One picture

Taking the stag trend to the absolute max with a bit of taxidermy. (Source:: SF Girl by Bay). Though I would opt for a cardboard version!
Deer head

My favourite option, a gallery wall in a consistent style. (Source:: Apartments I Like).
Gallery wall

Or perhaps mixing it up a bit with a mixed gallery wall featuring plates and monograms alongside framed prints. (Source:: WCN Magazine)Mixed Gallery

Or lose the prints and just stick to plates (Source:: Via Little Blue Deer).plate wall

And finally, I could change the plain mirror for something a tad more ornate. (Source:: French by Design)Mirror

Would love to know your thoughts. Which option would you go for?

Lauren x

P.S Hopefully more eBay purchases should arrive tomorrow so I hope to share the office updates with you very soon!


6 thoughts on “Design Dilemma: The Lounge Wall

  1. I would definitely go for the mixed wall gallery – it makes things much more interesting! It’s my personal favourite! And I would love to have the same comfy sofa as yours, since our sofa is really hurting our backs lately. πŸ™‚ Probably we’ll get a relatively new sofa (the one from my brother-in-law), but that’s not sure… Anyway, can’t wait for your office update (I’m soooo curious)! πŸ™‚
    Love, Inge x

  2. I have to agree, absolutely love how you can create a really personal space by combining lots of images, photos, sketches etc onto one wall!
    Also, so jealous of your sofa! I loved this one on their website but the boyfriend wasn’t keen on the shape (problems of living with a designer – everything has to be so precise!) – ours finally arrives next week, no more sitting on dining chairs πŸ™‚

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