Inside Out

It’s well known that in the UK we are obsessed with having an outdoor space. Several years ago the idea of an ‘outdoor room’ exploded and you couldn’t move in B&Q for gas patio heaters, wooden garden furniture and plastic chip and dip bowls, all designed for outdoors.  These days, it seems much more popular to just bring out your whole dining room and have done with it.lace tableclothImage sources :: Left Snippet & Ink | Right A Country Farmhouse

I am a big fan of this idea and think the results can be stunning. Why leave your posh candlesticks and lace tablecloths indoors when you can stick them in your garden too?sheer tableclothImage sources:: Left Kelly Stremmel for The Sweetest Occasion | Right House and Home

I love the idea of adding cut flowers to your outdoor tablescape, not too mention using china crockery and real wine glasses. (Is it just me or does wine taste a little bit different from a plastic glass?).burlap_linentableclothImage sources:: Left House and Home | Right Dreamy Whites Online

It also feels very European to bring out your usual dining chairs and throw over a casual runner to add extra finesse to the garden. Whilst it may not be entirely practical to use your best china outside, I’m planning on getting a sheer tablecloth or two to grace my summer table top. I adore the idea of an outdoor chandelier and wouldn’t say no to finding a broken one that could be brought back to life!garden lightingImage sources:: Left Cory McCune Photography via Wedding Chicks | Right Studio Impressions Photography via Style Me Pretty.

How about you? Are you bringing the inside out? x


5 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Oh yessss! Absolutely! I love bringing the outdoors too, and I have since this weekend. 🙂 There was a lot of cleaning to be done because our patio chairs were just drop dead dirty from last winter and it felt good to stay outside for a whole day and enjoy loads of sun (I even wore a bikini yesterday!).
    I hope it will become only warmer and better weather so we can all bring out our BBQ’s too, I love that feeling of sipping from a (real, not a plastic) glass of wine while the summer night is still warm and you hear the evening noises and there’s no need of getting up early the next day… 😉
    And I adore that last picture of Style Me Pretty with all these light bulbs, I pinned that too a few days ago on Pinterest. 😉
    Love, Inge x

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