Etsy Pick: The Carbon Crusader

In my younger years, one of the highlights of the summer holidays was the annual trip to the stationery shop (yes, fun was hard to come by back then) Armed with just £1 pocket money, I would pour over the endless pencils, rulers and paper to make sure I got as many items as I could. One time my sister splashed out her full quota on ONE fountain pen. I was utterly horrified. pencilAnd so all this chat about stationery brings me nicely on to another Etsy Pick. The Carbon Crusader has a really fabulous range of pencils with a smashing selection of quotes, my favourite being ‘I carried a Watermelon’

For just £2.65 for the three you can afford to get a few sets to grace your desk such as these pretty cursive ‘Hello Darling’ versions. Why not treat a friend to the hot pink ‘You’re like, really pretty’ or count down to the weekend with the Days of the Week set.

They also create custom designs for you to order. Bearing in mind the spam filter, what would you like to see custom printed on your pencil?!

Lauren x


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