A Dream Come True

You know when you’re reading your snazzy interiors magazine and something pretty catches your eye? You scan to the side of the page to find out where the beautiful chair, or mirror, or teacup is from and it says ‘Stylist’s Own’. Wooden table and vases

Well I had always dreamed of being one of those ‘Stylist’ types, and luckily a Fairy Godmother in the image of uber wedding goddess Charlotte O’Shea, decided to grant me my wish. You see this gorgeous cutlery in the very beautiful Rock my Boutique Coco Photo Shoot? Well, that’s mine! And if it was to be credited it would say ‘Assistant Stylist’s Own’.desir

I was absolutely over the moon to be asked by the Rock my Wedding team if I would help out with the styling on their recent French inspired shoot. In Charlotte’s words, “think super super polished. Think sophisticated and clean and timeless. Think mercuried glass, sequins, feathers and an abundance of beautiful blooms. Think Provence in July with a generous dose of Parisian chic thrown in for good measure.”pink tablescape

Well I very much liked the sound of such gorgeousness and was only too happy to send off my beloved lovetub, pack up my china and bundle up my ribbon to join the team at the Old Chemistry Lab in Nottingham.Love tub

Team RMW had a real clear vision of exactly how they wanted the shoot to look and so I spent much of the day assisting the lovely Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw bring this vision to life. It was also really great that Charlotte also asked my sister and her husband (also know as Bonny & Clyde) to create some really gorgeous French inspired table numbers.bonny and clyde

In the run up to our wedding, I was a daily reader of the Rock my Wedding blog and I still like to take a look at the site on a regular basis. Last year RMW took the plunge to launch an online boutique. With this, their second collection, they still feature a beautiful selection of wedding accessories and bridesmaid dresses, but have also introduced a lovely range to grace your tables and walls! From candlesticks to lanterns and prints to vases, everything can be used in your home after the big day. The full list of suppliers can be found over on the RMB site. All the florals were supplied by the fabulous Leafy Couture.

All images by the very talented Anna Clarke Photography. There’s also a gorgeous film too by Simon Clarke which is guaranteed to leave you swooning.

I think my favourite piece is the Desir print. Why don’t you nip over to their site to take a peek and let me know your favourite?

Lauren x


7 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. wow, what gorgeous images and beautiful colours! I think I love every item they have featured, espcially the glass picure frames. I also spied some silver antique cuttlery and have been on the look out for something similar, though I think the nicest sets out there are true vintage hand me downs. Or perhaps a lucky find at an antiques market ; ) Super stylish work Fairlylight, very proud! x x

  2. Congratulations Fairly Light on such a great opportunity & a dream come true. I really like the simplistic flower arrangement in small shiny vases, I’m intending on using this approach for my own wedding but with gold. I may even add a few frames to the tables as you’ve done above, gives an elegant finish.

    Can’t wait to see your next project


  3. Absolutely love how you’ve showcased the new RMW CoCo collection. Everything is so delicate and elegant and makes me want to re-vamp my house to capture the exact same ambiance.
    You truly have a keen eye for some beautiful pieces as I noticed you are credited for many of the stunning props used.
    I adore the Kiko Glass Frames and love the choice of prints you added to them, particularly the sheet music.
    Always look forward to your projects, you inspire me.
    Stunning work, well done 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments x
    I really can’t take credit for the stunning styling here – it was all the vision and execution of team RMW, (Lolly is an incredible stylist). It was absolutely amazing to be part of the day and assist the team.
    I was also so happy to put some of my most treasured pieces to good use ( I think the love tub was only sat on twice before the shoot!) x

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