A Cosy Cacoon

For those of you who are regular readers, you’ll remember that both of our spare rooms are currently undergoing a bit of redecoration. With a spare weekend under our belts you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d spend it clearing up the chaos that we’d created. Well it would appear not. You see I had the bright idea that perhaps we should start on the Master Bedroom too. Master Bedroom inspirationImage source:: The White Company

There was some method to my madness; A few months ago I found myself in an Antique Shop after a celebratory lunch with  a gorgeous bride-to-be and one of my dearest friends. It’s fair to say I got a bit carried away and left the shop with two vintage sconces that I had absolutely no need for. Since then they’ve sat bundled in a corner waiting for the perfect home.

Also, in my bid to make the room cosy yet chic, I have been on the hunt for a decent priced Upholstered Linen Headboard for a little while now. Last week I found a ridiculously cheap eBay seller and the rather large box was cluttering up the Dining Room. The greyish brown material looked pretty drab against the old ‘greige’ walls, so out came some of Dulux’s finest and down came the curtains and by Sunday evening the room looked a bit like this:

Progress_Master Bedroom

I’m hoping that you’re seeing a bit of The White Company inspiration coming through here; crisp (though still to be ironed) white bed linen, white walls and linen cushions as well as the squidgy headboard. Their stores always have some form of smashing chandelier in there too so the little sconces hopefully don’t look too out of place.

Full reveal coming soon once I’ve tracked down a few more little gems.

Did you do any decorating over the weekend?

Lauren x

P.S. Hello if you’ve found Fairly Light from today’s post on my Rock my Wedding! It’s lovely to have you here xxx


Show and Tell: DIY Photo Bunting

Today marks the birthday of one of my closest friends (Happy Birthday Lindsay!) It’s a special one this year and to celebrate the occasion her other half planned a fabulous surprise bash last weekend. Photo BuntingAs you know, I’m always keen to add a dash of DIY to a celebration and so rather than arranging a photo slide show or hang up a few dog-eared posters, I asked Lindsay’s Parents if they’d mind going through the archives so that I could create some DIY photo bunting. Thankfully there were only too willing to oblige and sent across a series of scanned images that had me giggling to myself for days.

If you fancy creating something similar, here’s the steps to take:

– First of all choose your images and be prepared for this to take longer than you think! It can be a real trip down memory lane and difficult to get down to your final shortlist

–  Use Photoshop or any other imaging software to crop all the images down to a consistent size. I chose to do portrait 4X6 for all of mine, and then desaturated them all so there was some consistency

– Print the photos either using your own printer or go through a photo printer website. I used Truprint because as a first time user I got 50 free prints and also had the option to print on matt paper – a must if you’re likely to get sticky mitts on your photos.

– When the photos arrive, grab a punch and ribbon and construct your masterpiece! I used black and white striped ribbon to fit in as we’d gone for Kate Spade style decorations.

– Use a punch to make a hole in each side of your image. I had one from a set that was ideal for the job but a hole punch would work just as well.STEP2

– Take your length of ribbon (if you work with portrait orientation photos you probably need about 5-6 photos per metre depending on how much gap you want to leave between each photo

– Thread through each of the photos. Depending on the width of your ribbon you may need to secure with sellotape on the back. Luckily mine was near enough a perfect fit. Decide if you want to leave a large or small gap between your images. STEP 3– Remember to leave enough length at the start and end of your bunting so that you have something to attach to the wall, table etc. STEP 4

When you’re done, secure in place and enjoy! Thanks so much to the lovely birthday girl for letting me share these pictures with you all.

Have you made any birthday decorations recently? x

Patience is a Virtue

I’ve heard it said that you shouldn’t make any decision about a room’s purpose or décor until you’ve lived with it for a while and really get a feel for how you’ll use the space. If like me, you’re a little impatient, this can prove to be infuriating. However in the case of one of the rooms we inherited, this proved to be a good idea. summerhouse_before

Attached to our house, but accessed only via the Garden is a long thin room that was used as an office by the previous owners. If we had gone with our initial idea that every single guest who visited us in the first month came up with, this room would now be a Bar. As much as I like the idea of a gorgeous gold gilt bar cart, glass jars filled with limes and a wine fridge filled with vino (one of those fancy ones that keep your white wine cool and your red wine at room temperature), it seemed to be a bit of a waste of the space to devote it to a drinking hole for the one sunny weekend we have a year.bar cartImage Source:: Bess Friday for Style Me Pretty Living

As much as we love our dual aspect lounge because its windows face both east and west (so we get both morning and evening sun), at the height of midday it can be a bit dark. Our ‘Summer House’ has the luxury of facing south and so we wanted to take advantage of the extra light and carve out a little living space. However, if it was just dedicated to being a lounge area you would be waving at your guests 20 odd feet away as it’s only wide enough for one sofa. Depending on your choice of guest this isn’t really ideal… So, given two summers of afternoon studying, working, lunching, napping and film watching up in the Summer House, we’ve decided to split the space into two areas – one for work and one for play using a billowy curtain to divide the space.

In terms of style I’m going for a slight Moroccan feel with plenty of ikat pillows, lots of leather pouffes and lashings of gold.

moroccan_moodboardImage sources:: Low Sofa | Uzbek Cushion | Glitter Ball | Gold Frames | Pouffe Stack | Tray on Pouffe | Skull Glass | String Curtain | Gold Trellis Pattern | Moroccan Wedding Blanket Cushions | Doksta Table and Mismatched Chairs

As always I hope to reveal soon but there might be a bit of a delay as I hunt down the finishing touches to complete the room.

Have you got any spaces that you lived with for a while before taking the decorating plunge, or any stories about regrets of jumping in early with the paint brush?

Lauren x

Wild about Flowers

The other day, my friend mentioned that her Instagram feed was filled to the brim with images of cow parsley.
cow_parsley Image: Plumo

Not too long ago, I’m not sure many of us would have been happy to plonk such a weed on our table, but at the moment it seems we can’t get enough of the stuff. We’ve been foraging hedgerows left, right and centre for fashionable flora and fauna.wild flowers_bottles_jug Image: Left La Maison Charmante | Right: Pratos & Travessas

My recent trip to Kempton had resulted in the purchasing of a large glass jar (a bargain at £13, considering I have seen them for over £50 elsewhere) and so I opted to go wild to as it was such a large vessel to fill.Fairly Light | Wild FlowersMy own effort (edited using Instagram)

I’m not going to lie, it made me feel very awkward taking the secateurs out of the garden and down to a little patch of wild flower heaven at the end of my road. Ever the dutiful citizen, I had read up on what you can and can’t do where wild flowers are concerned and thought it would be handy to share:

– Flowers growing in council parks are legally off-limits,the same goes for council-maintained displays on roundabouts or verges, any gardens planted by a particular organisation (ie community gardens), and nature reserves or protected land
– It is not normally an offence to pick the ‘Four Fs’ – fruit, foliage, fungi or flowers – if the plants are growing wild and it is for your personal use and not for sale
– Dozens of rare or endangered plants – from the lady’s slipper orchid and adder’s tongue, to threadmoss and sandwort – are, however, protected under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, so pick those and you could face arrest (though you’re unlikely to stumble across too many of them)
– Whatever you do, don’t drag up the whole plant to resettle it in your own garden – the law firmly forbids the uprooting of any wild plant. (Source: The Guardian)

mason jar_large jar_wild flowers Image source: Left Home Biba | Right Little Mountain Wanderer

I know I would be mortified if I was ever arrested for theft of daffodils! Have you been hunting down any wild flowers recently?

Lauren x