Show and Tell: DIY Photo Bunting

Today marks the birthday of one of my closest friends (Happy Birthday Lindsay!) It’s a special one this year and to celebrate the occasion her other half planned a fabulous surprise bash last weekend. Photo BuntingAs you know, I’m always keen to add a dash of DIY to a celebration and so rather than arranging a photo slide show or hang up a few dog-eared posters, I asked Lindsay’s Parents if they’d mind going through the archives so that I could create some DIY photo bunting. Thankfully there were only too willing to oblige and sent across a series of scanned images that had me giggling to myself for days.

If you fancy creating something similar, here’s the steps to take:

– First of all choose your images and be prepared for this to take longer than you think! It can be a real trip down memory lane and difficult to get down to your final shortlist

–  Use Photoshop or any other imaging software to crop all the images down to a consistent size. I chose to do portrait 4X6 for all of mine, and then desaturated them all so there was some consistency

– Print the photos either using your own printer or go through a photo printer website. I used Truprint because as a first time user I got 50 free prints and also had the option to print on matt paper – a must if you’re likely to get sticky mitts on your photos.

– When the photos arrive, grab a punch and ribbon and construct your masterpiece! I used black and white striped ribbon to fit in as we’d gone for Kate Spade style decorations.

– Use a punch to make a hole in each side of your image. I had one from a set that was ideal for the job but a hole punch would work just as well.STEP2

– Take your length of ribbon (if you work with portrait orientation photos you probably need about 5-6 photos per metre depending on how much gap you want to leave between each photo

– Thread through each of the photos. Depending on the width of your ribbon you may need to secure with sellotape on the back. Luckily mine was near enough a perfect fit. Decide if you want to leave a large or small gap between your images. STEP 3– Remember to leave enough length at the start and end of your bunting so that you have something to attach to the wall, table etc. STEP 4

When you’re done, secure in place and enjoy! Thanks so much to the lovely birthday girl for letting me share these pictures with you all.

Have you made any birthday decorations recently? x


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