Found: RE-Found Objects

Hidden down behind a Petrol Station(!) in the stunning Market Town of Corbridge, RE-Found Objects is a must for any treaure trover. Re-Found 2 Hanging Porcelain Decorations £5 | Vintage Antlers – From £26 | Clipboard – £2 | Pressed Glasses – £7

The electic mix of rare, remarkable, recycled and restored is laid out beautifully in an airy workshop featuring a large range of home accessories. Re-Found 1 Eiffel Tower – £6.50 | Stripy String – £2 | Rusty Metal Candle Wings – £5 | Waste Not Table Runner – £17

The pricing can be a little curious; some things seem a little overpriced and others a downright bargain, for example the Kraft Clipboard that I use to keep paint samples together was a third of the price I’ve seen elsewhere.

Luckily for the London folk, there’s a pop-up shop in Liberty where you can choose from a specially curated selection of products. For those who are no-where near the capital or the north-east of England, there’s an online shop too.

Have a little look and let me know what products you’ll be adding to your basket.

Lauren x


2 thoughts on “Found: RE-Found Objects

  1. What a cracking store!
    The vintage brass topped crib board caught my eye as a great gift for Mr T senior alongside the good old boar bristled shaving brush (found in the men’s section).
    Far too much time, not to mention money, could be spent perusing this website.
    A great find.

  2. Hi Lauren, this store looks fab. Thanks for sharing this with us. I will add it to the sourcing list for future reference. Hope you are well. xD

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