An air of Autumn

Adding ambience and warmth to my cottage is one of my most favourite things about Autumn – out come the blankets and on come the lamps. I burn candles all year round but the shift in seasons does mean that the candles are lit for a lot longer in our house a the moment.

Baies_Jo_MaloneLighting a scented candle adds an elegant aroma and soft glow to any room. As the nights become longer than the days, I’m stocking up on tea lights and tapers and considering treating myself to something a little more luxurious than a Sainsbury’s twelve pack of dinner candles.

I received my very first Diptyque candle  recently as for years I couldn’t understand why anyone would spend more than a fiver on a candle. However I am now converted and am a little bit in love with the Baies creation. My bedroom smells of roses and blackcurrant leaves all week long even though I only ration to myself to an hour or so of burning time a week.

If you’re after something a little more zingy, then why not try Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin. Apparently this is one of Kate Middleton’s fragrances and therefore it’s good enough for your average commoner.

Anthropologie & LilyFlame Candles

You will regularly find me in Anthrolopogie having a good old sniff of their Illume Boulangerie Jar. I’ve had it on my Christmas list for a couple of years but no-one seems to have taken the hint! The packaging reminds me of a vintage Dundee Marmalade Jar and the scent combinations are heavenly.

If all of the above seem a little pricey, the Lily-Flame range are highly scented without being too overpowering. Though I’m not usually into sweet smells I do like a good dose of their Fairy Dust candle.

How about you? How are you lighting up your home this Autumn?

Lauren x


9 thoughts on “An air of Autumn

  1. Love a good candle. A very lovely person bought me a baise for my birthday too ; )

    Anthropologie have that candle in pink (coconut) on sale at the moment, but not the angel one though I will keep my eye out for you x

  2. I love the Baise too, it feels like such a treat when you burn it!
    I really rate the yankee candle range too, fresh cotton is one of my favourites lovely fresh clean smell

  3. I love the Baies scent especially in winter… I always burn a scented candle when I blog – kind of like a special treat just for me. I’ll check out the Jo Malone range next as I’m about to run out of my latest. Thanks. xD

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